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The purpose of the company Naber Polska formation was starting production of powder paints meant for diverse industrial sectors. In 2005 the company purchased 4 ha of a ground in Dobre Miasto in the territory of Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone. In 2006 began the construction of the factory of powder paints which was finished in 2008. With the beginning of 2009 Naber Polska started the production of powder paints using one production line with productivity of 50 tons per month on one shift. The production is based on the technology of the Spanish partner Naber Recubrimientos en Polvo, who has long-term experience in the production of industrial paints.

The production plant, first from planned three, is equipped with new devices having advanced technology. In every hall is possible to install few production lines what is giving huge production possibilities and is proving the large potential of the factory. Moreover the company is investing in the laboratory, directed to the development, research and innovation, by equipping with devices and machines necessary for faithful reconstructing the manufacturing and application process.

Applied by Naber Polska marketing strategy consists on trying, above all, to win industrial customers who require more compound forms of the service, best quality products and services within the scope of the technical support related to the application.

The company offers wide range of powder paints forming three basic groups: polyester, epoxy-polyester and epoxy. Offered products are creating wide range of possibilities related to the selection of the colour and special effects application. Moreover they are connected with determined functional benefits – they are ecological, enable the reduction of costs, economical power consumption and constitute very good protection. All above advantages refer to diverse surfaces: mainly metal but also MDF, plastic and glass.

The company is systematically accommodating itself to the latest trends in the industry of powder paints. Tries to participate in the known and prestigious trade fairs, both domestic and international ones, what enables to track systematically being born market demands and proposed solutions, in their reply.

The company Naber Polska is putting itself as the target the production of ecological products. They are supposed to constitute the visiting card of the factory and its brand by creating the position of the company on the market as the producer offering, based on advanced technologies, best quality powder paints.

ul. Pilsudskiego 93g
10-449 Olsztyn
tel. +48 89 5375150
fax +48 89 5375160
e-mail: naberpolska@naberpolska.pl